Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tipping Point Thriller

Tipping Point thriller now available on Amazon Kindle.

Ecological disaster looms in the Arctic. Two eminent climatologists mysteriously drop dead on both sides of the Atlantic. Appointed executor and environmental lawyer Robert Spire sets out to investigate, but soon realises his life is in danger as he uncovers a conspiracy with far reaching global implications...
Robert Spire is contacted by Doris Stanton, mother of the late UK climatologist Dr. Dale Stanton, with a request he finds a suitable home for her dead son's legacy - a large sum left to global warming organisations.

He sets off to Southampton's oceanography centre to investigate. The task seems pretty much solved; until a second climatologist drops dead in California, whilst attending a climate change conference.

Spire's investigations take him from Wales and London to San Francisco, Paris and finally the Arctic, where he joins French climatologist, Professor Francois Trimaud on a joint US/French expedition to seed the Arctic Ocean with an experimental substance, with the aim of preventing the Arctic's ice from melting further and slowing global warming in the region.

Spire soon discovers that someone wants the climatologists silenced at all costs. Time is ticking... the stakes are global... environmental disaster looms...

"Simon Rosser's scientific and psychological thriller "Tipping Point" is one of the best I have read in the past decade. He has a gift for fluent narrative, realistic characterisation and for creating settings that come vividly to life for the reader. He blends tension and suspense very successfully against the contemporary background of global warming and its sinister implications.
-Author, TV presenter and Priest Lionel Fanthorpe -

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