Sunday, 22 March 2009

Antartica Melting?

Scientists say that the West Antarctic ice sheet may take upto 1000 years to melt, which is good news...sort of, but it has collapsed before when CO2 levels reached 400 ppm in the atmosphere. This is a bit of a worry, as what the article doesn't mention is that CO2 levels are already at 385 ppm, up from 315 ppm since accurate measurements began in 1958. CO2 levels are rising at an average of around 1.5 ppm a year, which means 400 ppm could be reached in just 7 years time....What will happen to the ice sheet then, as this level of CO2 will surely bring with it an increase in sea temperature....?

As for Polar bears, which live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic, they appear to be getting smaller. The melting ice cap there, means they can't catch as much food as they used too, which is affecting their weight...

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