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Scientists have identified 9 events that might tip the Earth into a dangerous climatic state for many centuries. The disappearance of the Amazon rainforest is one..... read more from the following news link....


Some coral reefs in the worlds warmest oceans could be protected by natural ocean thermostat...


New research reveals growing crops for biofuel production releases so much CO2 that it would take hundreds of years to offset the CO2 released by there initial cultivation, read more......

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic becomes the first airline to fly a commercial jet partly fueled using biofuels..... read more....

Food prices soaring - posted 13th April 2008

The cost of certain foods are soaring as a result of biofuel production and population growth, which will only get worse as populations increase and global warming takes hold... read more..


Carbon dioxide gas from burning fossil fuels may take hundreds of thousands of years to be scrubbed from the atmosphere, far longer than ever thought...posted 30.11.08

Contradictory reports over exactly how large the worlds oil reserves might be may affect the urgency to search for alternative energy more...posted 10.06.08

Peak oil...? Will oil production be able to keep up with World oil demand, or will the possibility of diminishing reserves create massive investment in renewable energy more...posted 13th June 2008.

Uk's greenhouse gas emission levels going up?


Will Al Gore accept a job in Obama's new cabinet...? read more...posted 11.12.08

World should focus on global warming, not celebrities, says Al Gore... read more,


A new map of the worlds oceans show that humankind has environmentally damaged 96% of the worlds oceans...... read more at;

Worlds oceans have Been turned into rubbish dump. Massive accumulation of human rubbish found in Pacific ocean........ read more at;

Rising ocean level threatens UK's more..posted 18.08.08


See satellite images of Wilkins Ice Shelf break up here....

Climate change detected at both poles, blamed on mankind...posted 01.11.08

Serious implications could arise from large amounts of methane now seeping from the Arctic ocean as a result of melting permafrost/ice...posted 24th Sept 2008.

Arctic ice melts to unprecedented levels. NorthWest and NorthEast passage now open for first time in 125,000 years...posted 08.09.08

Latest....Wilkins Ice Shelf about to collapse...during Antarctic winter!.. Posted 14.07.08

UK team of scientists reveal that West Antarctic ice sheet melt maybe accelerating.... read more.....

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Exposed boulders give clues to Antarctic ice melt rate.... read more.....

Massive section of Antarctic ice is about to break free.

The massive Wilkins ice shelf in Antarctica looks like it's about to break free from Antarctica. It's not clear when this might happen, but it appears to be just a matter of time. This wont add to sea level rise however as it is already made up of frozen sea ice rather than continental more.Posted 27.03.08

Siberian permafrost could begin melting three times faster than previously thought potentially releasing previously stable methane, a potent greenhouse gas

It keeps disappearing...North Pole set to be ice free this summer, a clear indication of how quickly the area is warming more....posted 28.06.08

A cold wind cure to melting alpine glaciers...?..posted 23.08.08


The holy grail of zero CO2 energy production is being researched, but it may be some time before scientists are capable of producing a functioning nuclear fusion limit-less energy power more...04.06.08


Tree houses to prevent Deforestation?

In an effort to slow down deforestation, people will be paid to live amongst the trees..... read more..

UN action to halt Deforestation.

UN climate change conference aims to halt rainforest destruction....

Saving the rainforests is imperative if climate change is to be challenged. Rainforests destruction is a primary source of CO2 emissions, more so than that given off by global vehicle use and around 8 times more than more.... posted 11/03/08.

New Deal to save Guyana's Rainforest.

A ground breaking deal will be struck in New York on 28.03.08 which will place a financial value on Guyana's rainforest, securing the future of 1 million acres. This is great news and raises hope that the worlds rainforests may not be destroyed after all.... read more at...

Bad news for Amazon Rainforest ...

Brazil's environmental minister Marina Silva gives up in her bid to try and protect the Earth's most vital more....posted 17.05.08

Indonesia pledges to slash it's carbon emissions by reducing it's rainforest destruction, and use of oil, but how will this be achieved...?

Good news for African rainforest as spy satellites are trained on them to monitor illegal logging and more...posted 18.06.08


As global warming causes sea level rise, desertification, crop failure etc, conflicts may occur as humans fight for precious resources..... scientists believe the current crisis is Dafur is an example of things to more;


Global warming and climate change will cause massive population migration over the next 40 years or so as upto 1 billion people become displaced as a result of sea level rise, drought, crop failure etc.... read more...posted 29th April 2008


UK windfarms given a boost by UK coal.... read more, posted 16.11.08

$45 trillion investment is needed by world governments in order to half CO2 emissions by 2050. 32 nuclear power plants a year needed in addition to carbon capture and storage on 35 coal fired and 20 gas fired more...posted 10.06.08

Wind farms face a set-back as the Scottish Government reject planning permission for the UK's largest on-land wind more: Posted 22 April 2008

Wales leads the UK in deriving its electricity from renewable energy sources.... sets target to get all its energy from renewables by more... posted 25.05.08

Uk plans massive increase in electricity generation from off-shore wind more..posted 04.06.08

UK plans for 700% increase in energy from renewable sources, which include plans to build an additional 1000 nuclear power stations across the globe to end reliance on fossil more...posted 13 June 2008

UK plans a further 7000 new wind turbines between now and 2020 to meet its target of achieving 15% of its energy from renewable sources. Two turbines will need to be erected daily between now and 2020 at a cost of around 60 billion more...posted 28.06.08


If the Americans are finding it difficult to fill up their SUV's because of the high price of fuel then people may finally be forced to switch to more economical cars, which will ultimately benefit the environment by reducing transport CO2 emissions.. read more...posted 04.05.08

Airline CO2 emissions more...posted 12.05.08

Drivers unaware of their own emission levels....posted 03.08.08


Is overfishing about to cause the collapse of the Bluefin Tuna population? more....posted 29.11.08

The USA has until 15th May to state whether the POLAR BEAR is officially threatened from global warming... read more... posted 11.05.08

The USA recognises that the POLAR BEAR is under threat from extinction as a result of arctic ice loss caused from global warming. For the first time,The Endangered Species Act is used to protect an animal under threat from global warming.... read more...posted 15.05.08

Insects living in the Tropics, could be the most succeptible to global warming as they have adapted to living in a very narrow temperature more...

Species are dying out at the fastest rate since the demise of the dinosaurs....mankind to blame.. read more...

Mobile phone masts linked to bee colony collapse.... read more, posted 07.09.08


Latest news on Chevrolets flagship electric vehicle... The Volt..posted 24.07.08

Tesla's new electric 125mph sports car finally rolls of the production line...cost, around 50,000 pounds... read more...

General Motors closes 4 plants which currently produce SUV's/Trucks to concentrate on more environmentally friendly vehicles, including the new electric Chevrolet Volt, due out in 2010....posted 04.06.08.

Sir James Dyson starts work on a new generation of fast electric cars, using solar power to re-charge them... read more...posted 23.06.08

Tesla sports car on the way....but with a hefty price tag...posted 23.08.09


Barcelona feels what could be global warming related water stress, as drought takes hold of the Spanish city.... read more...


Cooling sea arguement once used by the skeptics is proven wrong... read more...posted 29 May 2008.


Polish city hosts battle for the planet summit.... read more...posted 11.12.08

Environemental activists plan 48 hour protest against new UK coal fire plant.... read more,posted 29.11.08

USA- new environmental policy announced...

The USA, under Barack Obama's Presidency promises to reverse 8 years of climate neglect by signing up to Kyoto and leading the way in Renewable energy.... read more, posted 21.11.08

Jury aquit clmate change campaigners who vandalise coal fired power station, after hearing NASA scientist James Henson give evidence about global warming. Lawful excuse defence succeeds on basis damage was caused to avert even greater damage from more, posted 15.08.09

G8 countries agree to try to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by the year 2050, but the WWF call this pledge "pathetic"... read why...posted 09.07.08

Measures to be taken to reduce climate change threat to London...posted 01.09.08

2012 Kyoto Protocol successor looking more hopeful...? read more..posted 01.09.08

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